Welcome to St Bride's Church, West Kilbride

St Bride's exists to be a community where men and women of faith gather to be fed by both the Word and the Eucharist so that they can go out into the world to be witnesses to the Resurrection and the presence of the Risen Jesus in the world and in history. This means doing everything we can to make the teachings of Jesus, as we read them in the four gospels, a living reality in society. Above all, this means reaching out to the poor in all their shapes and forms. But, for this to happen, we have to develop in ourselves a theology and a spirituality which enable us to move beyond the limitations of traditional religion and enter the much richer and more profound world of faith. This journey from religion to faith is at the heart of everything that happens in St Bride's.

Evangelii Gaudium

Welfare for Parishes


The following, God willing, will be on offer here in the parish over the coming months:

1.The Gospel of Mark: On the first Sunday of Advent we begin Year B of the liturgical cycle during which the weekly readings are taken from the Gospel according to Mark. This past year, Year A, it has been Matthew. And so, on Wednesday 3rd of December I will offer you a simple introduction to Mark which will, hopefully, help us make more sense of the readings in the months ahead.

2.The Infancy Narratives: This is the posh name for the Christmas Story or more accurately, the two Christmas Stories, and on Thursday 11th December I will offer you an opportunity to reflect more deeply on these stories – one in Luke and another very different one in Matthew – and so come to a more mature understanding of what each of them is about.

3.The Teaching of Pope Francis: This will be the title of our main monthly effort in the months ahead, beginning at the end of January and lasting until late June. I am afraid he leaflet is not ready yet.