8th March 20


SUNDAY MASS               Vigil Mass.  6.00.p.m.   Morning Mass.  10.30.a.m.              DAILY MASS     Mon. Wed.  Frid.  10.00.a.m.


HOUR OF PRAYER        Before each weekday Mass     CONFESSION    Before Mass or on request       COLLECTION    £326  




THE CORONAVIRUS  My intention this week had been to put on the back of the bulletin an account of what happened last Tuesday at the meeting with the Bishop, but that will have to wait until next week. Instead, you will find a letter written by the Bishop to the people of the diocese about the coronavirus about which I will say  something before the start of Mass.




MEETING WITH THE BISHOP  All I did at the meeting on Tuesday was introduce it and then leave, There was little point in my being there given that the meeting was about what is to happen when I retire. Next week, God willing, there will be an account of what happened which you can all read.




THIS WEEK’S FILM  I did not manage to attend last week’s film – I was too busy watching Real Madrid beat Barcelona but I gather it was quite harrowing. This week’s offering is very different. It is called “The Quartet”, a joyous  and entertaining film about redefining old age and growing old with hope. Very suitable, I would have thought, for many of us. It features Maggie Smith, Pauline Collins, Billy Connolly and Tom Courtenay. So why not come along and enjoy it?




PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL  As announced last week, the first of two important meetings for the purpose of setting up a PPC will take place in the hall THIS COMING TUESDAY at 7.00.p.m. With the coming changes drawing ever closer, it is time we brought together the various groups currently working to form such a PPC  The first meeting is to bring the various groups already functioning in the parish together. Then, on Tuesday 31st March, we will have the first full meeting of the PPC. Every parishioner is welcome to attend these meetings, now and in the future, and I hope many of you will do so.




PREPARATION FOR PPC  In preparation for the above meeting on Tuesday, a draft constitution has been drawn up so that we have a starting point for our discussion. It is based on things other people have done in other places and tries to bring together what has being going on in various ways in the parish through, among other things, the  Embracing Change Process in North Ayrshire. Copies of this draft constitution will be available at Mass this weekend. I hope you will all read them and  many  will come to the meeting




LENTEN BOOKLETS  As I will explain before Mass this weekend, we are instructed not to use hymn or Mass books while the Coronavirus is among us. But you might like to bring your own Lenten booklets which have the readings in them.




STATIONS OF THE CROSS  I am grateful to the parishioner who has provided a number of copies of SCIAF’S version of the Stations of the Cross. These are now available inside the front door of the church. Okease feel free to take one and use it for prayer.




WORLD DAY OF PRAYER  This took place on Friday afternoon and was a wonderful occasion. The women of the parish did a great job and all I can do is thank them. It was especially good, I thought, to see so many young people from YWAM.




A LENTEN IGNATIAN RETREATThis is available from the Ignatian Spirituality Centre (ISC) at www.iscglasgow.co.uk You will find it, not surprisingly, under Lenten Retreat. Ideally this would be done in a group, but there is no reason why an individual should not use the material during Lent or at any other time. I strongly recommend it and there are copies of the booklet that goes with it, entitled Journey into Freedom, available on the table at the back of the church. So please feel free to take one or more. Even at this stage, some of you may choose to come together as a group.




A LENTEN CARMELITE RETREAT  I am grateful to the person who has drawn this alternative retreat to my attention, based on the Carmelite rather than the Ignatian tradition. Its full title is Lent 2020 with the Prophet Elijah. The idea is to undertake a forty day walk through the desert and you can find it at Hozan.org: https:/hozana.org/t/8v4xt.  My understanding is that to subscribe you should click on  “I join” – sounds simple enough – and they will send you the necessary material. 




THE LENTEN PENANCE SERVICEThis will take place on Wednesday 8th April, the Wednesday of Holy Week. In that sense it marks the end of our period of preparation and the beginning of the Holy Week Services




PILGRIMAGE TO LOURDES BY JUMBULANCE  This has been advertised for some time in this bulletin, and now I have to tell you that, due to the coronavirus emergency, it has had to be cancelled. This is a pity, but very understandable




FOUR TALKS ON THE GOSPELS IN 2020  These will be delivered by Fr Mark Kelly, parish priest of Dalry, Kilbirnie and Beith. The first of these talks will be in Kilbirnie on Tuesday 24th March at 7.00.p.m. and the dates of the others will appear in the bulletin as the months pass. In the meantime, there is a poster in the porch with all the dates on it,