1st March 20


SUNDAY MASS               Vigil Mass.  6.00.p.m.   Morning Mass.  10.30.a.m.              DAILY MASS     Mon. Wed.  Frid.  10.00.a.m.


HOUR OF PRAYER        Before each weekday Mass     CONFESSION    Before Mass or on request       COLLECTION    £431 




MEETING WITH THE BISHOP  Following on our recent preparatory meeting, Bishop Nolan will be here on Tuesday at 7.00.p.m. to meet the people of the parish and deal with matters we want to raise with him prior to the changes planned for later in the year. I hope many of you will attend. This is a very important moment in the life of the parish.




THE SCIAF WEE BOXES  You are more than familiar with these, and if you did not collect one on Ash Wednesday, please do so today. Feel free to take one or more for members of your family who might make use of them.




THIS WEEK’S FILM  This week’s film, which begins this Sunday at 7.00.p.m. is Twelve Years a Slave, the true story of Solomon Northups’ struggle for survival and freedom as a freeman abducted and sold into slavery in 1841. (128 minutes long, it contains strong violence, injury detail, sex, nudity and racist language) Sounds good !!!




PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL  With the coming changes drawing ever closer, it is time we brought together the various groups currently working to form a Parish Pastoral Council. This will involve two separate meetings. The first will be on Tuesday 10th March at 7.30.p.m.to bring the various element together. Then, on Tuesday 24th March, we will have the first full meeting of the PPC. Every parishioner is welcome to attend these meetings, now and in the future.




LENT AND THE ENVIRONMENT  On the back of this bulletin you will find a chart for Lent suggesting ways in which we can do something, no matter how small, for the environment. There are two pages, but I will offer the second page later on in the month. It is well worth thinking about.




WORLD DAY OF PRAYER  This will take place here in St Bride’s this coming Friday at 2.00.p.m. All welcome, women and men.




A LENTEN IGNATIAN RETREATThis is available from the Ignatian Spirituality Centre (ISC) at www.iscglasgow.co.uk You will find it, not surprisingly, under Lenten Retreat. Ideally this would be done in a group, but there is no reason why an individual should not use the material during Lent or at any other time. I strongly recommend it and there are copies of the booklet that goes with it, entitled Journey into Freedom, available on the table at the back of the church. So please feel free to take one or more. Even at this stage, some of you may choose to come together as a group.




A LENTEN CARMELITE RETREAT  I am grateful to the person who has drawn this alternative retreat to my attention, based on the Carmelite rather than the Ignatian tradition. Its full title is Lent 2020 with the Prophet Elijah. The idea is to undertake a forty day walk through the desert and you can find it at Hozan.org: https:/hozana.org/t/8v4xt.  My understanding is that to subscribe you should click on  “I join” – sounds simple enough – and they will send you the necessary material. 




THE LENTEN PENANCE SERVICEThis will take place on Wednesday 8th April, the Wednesday of Holy Week. In that sense it marks the end of our period of preparation and the beginning of the Holy Week Services




EMBRACING CHANGE NEWSLETTER  This is a new venture, the initiative of the Steering Group which lies at the heart of the Embracing Change Process in North Ayrshire. Please take a copy away and make sure you read it. The group with all the other groups that make it up, are trying very hard to nudge us all in the direction of the future.




MESSAGE FROM THE SCOTTISH CATHOLIC PARLIAMENTARY OFFICER  The Scottish Government is currently consulting on new legislation around the ability to legally change gender. The Catholic Parliamentary Office has prepared a four page briefing to help people engage with the consultation process. The briefing can be accessed at https:/rcpolitics.org/briefing-gender-recognition-reform-scotland-bill/  Once you read the briefing you can access the consultation by clicking this link. The consultation ends on March 17th




THE YEAR OF THE BIBLE  The Spirituality Group of Embracing Change has arranged for four talks over the coming months to celebrate a year in which Pope Francis has asked us to focus in a particular way on the Scriptures. This, as you know, was one of the great hopes of the Second Vatican Council and still remains one of the great challenges for the Church in the 21st century. The talks will be led by Fr. Mark Kelly, parish priest of Dalry, Kilbirnie and Beith and will be about the four gospels. The first talk will be in Kilbirnie on Tuesday 24th March at 7.00.p.m.




MESSY CHURCH  Saturday 7th Match from 3.45 – 6,00.p.m. Come and learn all about Esther’s big decision. All welcome.