5th January 20


SUNDAY MASS               Vigil Mass.  6.00.p.m.   Morning Mass.  10.30.a.m.              DAILY MASS     Mon. Wed.  Frid.  10.00.a.m.


HOUR OF PRAYER        Before each weekday Mass     CONFESSION     Before Mass or on request       COLLECTION      £420     




DAY OF PRAYER FOR PEACE  This is celebrated throughout the world at the beginning of each new year and is being marked in Scotland today on the Feast of the Epiphany. There is a letter to be read or distributed throughout the country from our own Bishop Nolan in his capacity as president of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland Justice and Peace Commission and copies of it will be distributed to everyone at the end of Mass. I hope you will read the letter. It is quite short and to the point.




EMBRACING A NEW YEAR IN ST BRIDE’S  The year 2020 will be a significant one for the parish. In the course of it, for the first time since 1947, there will be no resident priest here. This is something many parishes in the diocese have long been used to, and now it is our turn to come to terms with it. As I have said many times in recent months, this new situation is filled with possibilities if the people of the parish embrace it in a positive way, trusting always in the God who is with us and who longs to do great things in us and for us in the future. On the back of the bulletin this week you will find a summary of what Pope Francis said this week to those who work in the Curia in Rome, the Church’s Civil Service. “The world has changed” the Pope told them, “and so must the Church” This is the truth I invite you to recognize as we begin our journey through 2020.




NEXT MEETING FOR PARENTS  Great things have been happening in this area, but we have to keep it going. As the children get older and turn into teenagers and young adults, the need to nurture their faith and enable it to grow increases rather than diminishes. And then there are the younger ones, no longer toddlers. We need to give Tuesday 11th February, and if there is some problem with this date, please let me know. Otherwise, please put it in your diary and come along to the meeting.




THE PARISH WEBSITE  I have had a lot of phone calls over the last week or so from people telling me that the parish website is down. I knew this, of course, and look forward to something being done about it. Unfortunately, the person who looks after it is on holiday and cannot do anything about it until she gets home. In any case, the whole thing needs work done on it and I hope that will happen as soon as possible. A lot of people visit it and miss it when this happens. If I didn’t know that before, I certainly know it now.




THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION The bishop will celebrate this Sacrament for the parishes of Largs, Millport, West Kilbride, Kilbirnie, Beith, Dalry and Ardrossan in St Peter’s on Tuesday 4th February. This is not so far away now, so please keep Manus, Ivor and their familes in your prayers.




ADULT EDUCATION IN THE DIOCESE  If you would like to be part of a group meeting monthly between January and June to discuss Pope Francis’ document Rejoice and be Glad on the meaning of holiness in the world today, please let me know. Six meetings in six months is not a lot. Despite several appeals in this bulletin, nobody has, as yet, expressed an interest. So please give it some serious thought.




SUPPORTING THE FOODBANK  Thank you for the support you gave to the FoodBank during Advent in response to the leaflets that were distributed around the village. There was a large increase in donations here at the church, and I know that people used other places where stuff was being collected. But the need goes on. The danger is that we forget about it and get out of the habit of contributing to it. But there are families out there who, sadly, depend on FoodBanks. That this should be the case in Britain in 2020 is, of course, a scandal.




CHANA  Chana would also like to thank you for your on-going support over the last year. Much appreciated.