22nd December 20


SUNDAY MASS               Vigil Mass.  6.00.p.m.   Morning Mass.  10.30.a.m.              DAILY MASS     Mon. Wed.  Frid.  10.00.a.m.


HOUR OF PRAYER        Before each weekday Mass     CONFESSION     Before Mass or on request       COLLECTION    £401  




THE ADVENT PENANCE SERVICE The Advent Penance Service is the culmination of our preparation for Chrismas and takes place on Monday evening at 7.00.p.m. Advent, just like Lent, is a time for  conversion, a time for reflecting on the areas of our lives where, in the light of the Gospel, some kind of change is required. This may involve what we traditionally know as ‘sin’, but it may also be about moving from ‘good’ to ‘better’ in the way we live our lives. Services like this are held in parishes all over the world at this time of the year, and are the main way in which millions of people today celebrate what we once called ‘Confession’. So come along on Monday and be part of it.




CHRISTMAS MASSES Mass at Christmas this year will be at the same times as always, namely Midnight, (preceded by carols from 11.30) and 10.30.a.m. Looking further ahead, Mass on New Year’s Day will be at 10.30.a.m. There will be no Mass on Boxing Day (it is a Thursday) but there will be Mass on the Friday as usual.




WORDS OF APPRECIATION  Following the party for old people like myself last weekend, which was organized by the children and their parents, I received a card from a member of the Parish Church, the message of which I would like to pass on to you in full:




To the children and parnets of St Bride’s Church: Thank you for the Children’s Christmas Afternoon Tea Party on Saturday. It was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I have spent. The children were such a joy entertaining us, playing their instruments, singing, and the young girl who performed the highland sword dance. The home-baking and the sandwiches were delicious and much appreciated. Also, may I thank you for my lovely gift bag, and would like to convey my appreciation.




FILM AFTERNOON FOR THE CHILDREN  At 3.00.p.m. next Sunday afternoon in the hall we will have what is now an annual Christmas film for the children. The film itself has still to be decided upon, but we are open to suggestions. This was a great success last year and I am sure it will be the same again this year.




NEW COLLECTION ENVELOPES  These are available this weekend, so please make sure that you collect your own before you head for home. And if there are none there for you and you would like to have some, please just leave your name on the list and they will be ready for you next weekend. And thank you very much for what you give each week to finance all that we do in the parish.  Financially the parish does OK so long as there are no unexpected costs, but these costs do continue to rise. So you might like to keep this in mind going forward. But, above all, thank you for all that you give.




AVAILABLE AT THE BACK  At the back of the church this weekend, you will find copies of the St Matthew’s Academy Newsletter and some leaflets about safeguarding in Scotland. Please take them and read them.




DIOCESAN YOUTH CHRISTMAS EVENT  This will take place in the Cathedral Parish Hall in Ayr on Sunday 29th December from 6.00. – 9.00.p.m. There will be food in the form of pizzas and what is described as Panto Fun. There is no cost involved, but there will be a simple form of night prayer at the end. There is a poster in the porch for anyone who is interested.




THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION  The bishop will celebrate this Sacrament for the parishes of Largs, Millport, West Kilbride, Kilbirnie, Beith, Dalry and Ardrossan in St Peter’s on Tuesday 4th February. This is not so far away now, so please keep Manus, Ivor and their familes in your prayers as the date draws closer.




A CHRISTMAS OUTING TO THE PANTOMIME  This was a very enjoyable outing and all I can do is thank those who made it possible, especially Terry Gallanagh, who made all the arrangements. We have talked about doing this before and only now have we actually done it. So, hopefully, it will become an annual event in the future.




A SMALL PARISH LIBRARY  This is available now at the front of the church. There are a few bools there already, but the number will grow over the coming months.




ADULT EDUCATION IN THE DIOCESE  If you would like to be part of a group meeting monthly between January and June to discuss Pope Francis’ document Rejoice and be Glad on the meaning of holiness in the world today, please let me know. There will be other groups doing the same all over the diocese. Six meetings in six months is not a lot.